How to make a cabbage wrap for cramps, sprains and joint pain

Cabbage is one of the more ignored vegetables. Be that as it may, as indicated by Medical News Today, this is an immense oversight. It secures against radiation and growth and contains a megadose of vitamin K, magnesium, and folate. The tough leafs make cabbage useful for something beyond eating. It can likewise be utilized to make a mending wrap.

The underneath video from Health Reach Productions shows how to make a poultice from your new most loved vegetable. To begin with, peel the forgets and cut the thick stem. Beat the leaf until the point when it is flexible and delicate. At that point, lay the leaves on a plastic wrap and afterward essentially wrap the leaves around the focused on body part, utilizing the plastic wrap to secure the cabbage set up.

Keep perusing to take in the distinctive employments of a cabbage wrap!


1. Joint inflammation and joint torment.

Earth Clinic claims cabbage wraps are valuable in alleviating joint torment. Utilize a medical wrap or strong tape to additionally secure the plastic-wrapped cabbage around agonizing knees. It is encouraged to change the wrap at regular intervals amid the day.


2. Sprained lower leg or wrist.

The torment from a sprained lower leg or wrist can be moderated with the utilization of a cabbage wrap. Earth Clinic suggests wearing a cabbage wrap during the evening and evacuating it early in the day to enable the skin to breath before applying a crisp wrap.


3. Disease.

When utilizing a cabbage wrap to treat a contamination, don’t cover with plastic wrap and be mindful so as to change the wrap at regular intervals. In the event that you see red streaks, expanded swelling or fever, Earth Clinic stresses the significance of looking for prompt therapeutic consideration.


4. Mastitis.

For difficult bosom disease, Earth Clinic prescribes applying cabbage leaves specifically to the bosom inside the bra. Supplant the leaves as they wind up noticeably limp. Every day Mail likewise advocates this strategy for bosom delicacy amid pregnancy and your menstrual cycle.


5. Ingrown toenails.

Wrapping cabbage leaves around ingrown toenails can help evacuate discharge and recuperate the contamination. Day by day Health Post suggests covering the plastic-wrapped cabbage with a sock and giving it a chance to work its enchantment overnight. Evacuate the leaves early in the day and take after with an Epsom salt for best outcomes.


6. Swollen calves.

On the off chance that you’ve quite recently ventured off a plane and are experiencing the beating torment of swollen calves, Healthy Holistic Living prescribes applying a cabbage wrap around the calves and resting with the legs lifted for up to 60 minutes.


7. Menstrual issues.

Putting cabbage leaves cooled in the ice chest over the midriff can soothingly affect menstrual issues. On the off chance that your body reacts better to warm, Daily Mail suggests whitening the leaves in bubbling water or putting them in the microwave before lying them over the stomach area.

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